I’ve been busy

To say I have been busy would be an understatement. What with keeping up with sick kids and getting sick myself, having a VERY busy husband that has been in and out of town, having my mom and dad come to visit and having to speak in church hasn’t left me with very much free time. I have been working really hard at revamping the way I cook and what I cook and finding places to buy things I want to cook. What a work out! But I have had a chance to try a few new things….

I started with needing a sourdough starter. What the heck is a sourdough starter?? I tried to make one myself, and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working, it isn’t THAT hard to make (later to find out you need chlorine-free tap water or bottled water, duh!). So I decided to buy one, so I could start baking!! MUCH better, and I love it! It smelled SO good! If anyone needs a starter, let me know, it cost me $6.95. Save yourself the time and money, I will share!!


I have been working up a supply of different grains (wheat, kamut, millet, quinoa, oats, rye, spelt, amaranth and so on), beans, rice, nuts, dried fruits and so on…. and I needed something to put it all in, and of coarse, I wanted it to look pretty too! I found these GLASS airtight containers!! I wish they had some that were bigger, but either way, I am happy to have found even these! (I got them at 50% off with free shipping, and they are STILL on sale! IF you are looking for some….check these out!)


I still have more to do, I am working on getting that done today, but this is a start! Now, let the baking begin!!
I tired a few bread recipes…..that has been interesting, I will keep trying. Thank goodness for the bosch my mother in law gave me (it was her old one, I never thought I would get this kind of use out of it, boy was I wrong), it has SAVED me!
Then I thought I would try some crackers (made with whole grains, I even found whole wheat pastry flour, kids…eat away), mostly because I refuse to buy them and my kids really want them, so…..
I have to say, I am going to need to practice a bit in the cracker department….not the easiest….well, at least for me who has had NO experience with baking!!
I also made some cookies, which turned out pretty good! I even tried making multi-grain focaccia which up until last week I had never heard of! It was SO good (It is made with millet, kamut, brown rice, quinoa and wheat- DANG), I will be making this one again!


And just for fun, because she is so DARNED cute, the neighbor girl on her way to her very first dance recital…



4 thoughts on “I’ve been busy

  1. >wow!!!!!!!!!! i am very very impressed! that is so cool you are going all organic and you are so dang organized?!??!?!! oh my gosh! and crackers? WOW! i didnt even know you could make those homemade. you are gonna have a very healthy family :)

  2. >the crackers look amazing. And the focaccia – wow! with your photography skills, you're going to end up inspiring many of us to get cooking healthy! Share the recipes you end up loving!

  3. >This is an awesome post. I totally admire you in a big big way. I love how you're so organized! Thank you for including where you found your recipes as well. That's so helpful! We use another healthy wheat product called Semolina. You can make it into a porridge which is really yummy for breakfast.

  4. >I promised myself I would make the switch when we got home from vacation and here we are, so I've got to get on it. I just don't know where to start. Will you help me?

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